Thursday, 9 April 2009

First Flowers

As spring is springing and blossoms blooming all around us, ArtYarn are getting to work on creating the first flowers for the new Knitted Nature project at Touchstones Gallery in Rochdale.

And already we're so grateful for the help of some very special people. Valpouri, ArtYarn's new friend who's currently studying at MMU, has been making lots of flowers. And Alison Burrow's at the Kings Arms Knitting Club has been crafting up loads of leaves, over 50 so far we're told!

We'll get some pictures of these amazing creations here soon. For now, here are some of the flowers we've made from the patterns on the right hand side of the blog.

Notes on Knitted Flower Patterns

Knitted Flower Pattern 1 - Working to the pattern, the flower produced is rather big, and makes for quite a bit of knitting.

Begin by casting on 6 stitches to make a little less work. Take a look at the blue and pink five petal flowers above for a comparison in size.


Knitted Rose and Leaf Pattern 1 - Again, for this pattern, you can half the amount of stitches for half the amount of knitting if you'd rather.

Begin by casting on 50 stitches for a smaller flower, and 12 stitches for a smaller leaf. See the red and yellow curled flowers above for a comparison in size.

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