Saturday, 6 June 2009

UKDIY: Knitted Nature Installation

The Knitted Nature installation is finally complete.
After many months of collecting all of your wonderful knitted and crocheters leaves and flowers, from across the globe, ArtYarn spend a few days over at Rochdale Touchstones Art Gallery this week installing this wonderful installation.
Many thanks to everyone who contributed, can you spot your leaf or flower??

Many thanks to the following participants:
• Rita Heys, Rossendale
• Doris Scott, Rochdale
• Isabel Lees, Whitworth
• Dorothy Forshaw, Rochdale
• Kath Thornley, Milnrow
• Margaret Stoneman, Rochdale
• Jane Wells, Littleborough
• Helen Chicot, Littleborough
• Robyn Chicot, Littleborough
• Miranda Johnstone, Cambridge
• Joshua Wilson, Bury
• Sarah McMahon, Manchester
• Gemma McMahon, Manchester
• Irene Popps, Prestwich
• Jenny Matthews, Bolton
• Cheryl Beswick, Rochdale
• Jenny Beswick, Rochdale
• Gwen Taylor, Rochdale
• Rosie Hunt, Rochdale
• Eleanor Cooper, Rochdale
• Anne Buczynski, Bury
• Marrie Pattison, Manchester
• Roger Newton, Withington
• Valpuri Vihriala, Manchester
• Sarah Hardacre, Salford
• Rachael Elwell, Salford
• Yvonne Hardman, Rochdale
• Allison Cooper, Rochdale
• Okadascat, Hartlepool
• Gweneth Hanson, College Bank
• Lindsay Kennedy Smith, Birmingham
• Amanda Doran, Leicester
• Adamandia Kapsalis, Chicago, USA
• Laura Hughes, Todmorden
• Lia Chasen, New York, USA
• Chsristine Lister, Burnley
• Diana Hudson, Norfolk
• Jane Undsworth
• Barbara Taylor, Rochdale
• Ann Elfarrissi, Anglesey
• Pat Brock, Manchester, The Ladies of Click Talk, Dumfries Museum
• Catriona McLaughlin, Edinburgh
• Lynda Robinson, Ripponden
• Frances Britten, Bury
• Therese Kerbey, Arizona, USA
• Yvonne Prince, Bolton
• Sunnycrest 'Knit & Natter' Group, Bacup.
• Allison Burrows
• Julian Jefferson
• Sarah Gray

As part of our Knitted Nature project we also made an our door crochet installation using one of the trees in Broadstone Park which is opposite the Touchstones Art Gallery.
Inspired by the orange trees in Valencia, Spain, ArtYarn crocheted 100 bright orange balls which are now proudly hanging from this very beautiful tree.
many thanks to Yvonne, Paul, and Sarah for their help installing the balls.


  1. I went to Rochdale today! I'd kind of thought Rochdale looked like an interesting place for a while, and going to see your installations seemed like the perfect excuse! However, I didn't manage to find the oranges! I looked for ages! Lovely park, even though I got sunburnt! What a brilliant place Rochdale is, I'm really glad I went. I love your piece in the museum and generally thought it was a really fun museum too! Natalie

  2. I saw these wonderful flowers and vines in Touchstones. So very lovely! I love the idea of the oranges too. :D

  3. beautiful creations! I love it!

  4. thank you all for your lovely comments.

  5. I saw these wonderful flowers and vines in Touchstones. So very lovely! I love the idea of the oranges too. :D

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  6. What awesome projects! I love those flowers sooo much. And the oranges are simply delightful.

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